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KCF Announcement - Introducing Yvonne Rivera, our new Accounting Manager

Yvonne Rivera

We're delighted to introduce the latest addition to our Kitsap Community Foundation team: Yvonne Rivera, our new Accounting Manager. With over 22 years of experience in Kitsap's non-profit sector and a solid connection to the community, Yvonne brings invaluable expertise and a deep commitment to philanthropy to our organization.

Yvonne's roots run deep in Kitsap, having been a resident for three decades. Her dedication to service is evident through her work at Silverwood School, Bremerton Literacy Council, and Positive Futures Network, showcasing her passion for making a difference. This dedication perfectly aligns with KCF's mission of connecting resources to needs and fostering community collaboration.

Her belief in collective action makes Yvonne an ideal fit for KCF's partnership strategy, emphasizing collaboration and community involvement. As our Accounting Manager, Yvonne will oversee various responsibilities, including bookkeeping, financial management, and office logistics, ensuring smooth operations and effective resource allocation.

Outside of work, Yvonne enjoys biking, hiking with her family, and learning languages. Her passion for philanthropy extends beyond the workplace, reflecting a genuine dedication to making a positive impact in the community. We're thrilled to welcome Yvonne to our team and eagerly anticipate the positive impact she'll have on KCF and the Kitsap community.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Yvonne Rivera as she embarks on this journey with us. Together, we'll continue to build a more vibrant and resilient Kitsap community.

Welcome aboard, Yvonne!

Warmest regards,


CEO, Kitsap Community Foundation


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