Services For Advisors

​We see our clients' financial and legal advisors as an integral part of the team. We want to work with you to help craft the perfect charitable plan for your client. We work with attorneys, wealth managers, insurance brokers, and accountants, providing strategic counsel and planning so your clients can leave their legacy, make a meaningful community impact in their lifetime, and maximize the tax benefits of charitable giving. We offer a wide array of services and can custom craft a plan for just about any charitable idea your clients may have. Contact us to find out more.

Tools for Advisors

We offer many tools for you and your clients.  The links here will take you to information, forms, explanations, and sample language that will help you understand and utilize our tools. We are your community foundation, here to serve you and your clients.

The Kitsap Breakfast Club

No, it's not 80's nostalgia night! But it's just as fun and waaay less awkward. The Kitsap Breakfast Club is a place where professionals in the financial sector can gather, network, caffeinate, and hear brief presentations to help you be better at what you do. Connect with local attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors over coffee and breakfast.​



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Advisors' FAQ

Do I contact KCF directly, or go through my client?

We are happy to work directly with you to help meet your clients' needs. Please contact us directly at (360) 368-3622 or request an appointment with our President & CEO, Geoff Ball, by emailing

What services will you provide?

We are happy to meet personally with you and your clients and provide a wide array of services that could include:

  • identifying charitable interests
  • helping find nonprofits whose mission aligns with your clients' interest
  • creating a giving plan for your clients' lifetimes and their heirs
  • weighing the pros and cons of various giving tools and strategies to achieve tax efficiencies both during your clients' lives and upon their passing
  • drafting documents needed to set up and manage giving plans
  • administering their family foundation
  • acting as a co-trustee on charitable trusts
  • administering charitable gift annuities
Explore some of the charitable funds and tools we offer here.

Why should I consult with or use the Foundation rather than go directly to a specific nonprofit?

There are lots of benefits to be gained by running your giving through the Community Foundation. Our primary mission is to help your clients make their giving more efficient and effective. Here's how we do it:

  • When your client gives through the Community Foundation, their gifts can be completely anonymous. This helps protect your clients from unsolicited mailings and emails.
  • We can be a "charitable bank account" through which your clients donate to all their favorite nonprofits each year. Benefits are: (1) this generates only one tax deduction receipt each year, which simplifies record-keeping and tax return preparation; (2) they can log into their charitable "account" at any time to see exactly who they've already donated to this year; (3) we send all the checks to the nonprofits; all your client needs to do is tell us who they want to donate to and we take care of it.
  • We can help offset higher income-tax obligations during a high-earning year (due to a sale of assets, for example) by providing a place for the client to make a large charitable donation, a donation that your client can then distribute out to various nonprofits over the course of several years. This gives your clients a tax deduction in the year they need it.
  • We can handle all types of gifts -- cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, real estate, cars, art, etc. Many nonprofits cannot handle this full range of gifts. And we can take a large, undividable gift (such as a piece of real property), sell it, and divide the proceeds out to numerous nonprofits on your clients' behalf.
  • We can negotiate and draft a Grant Agreement with a nonprofit to which your client wants to donate a large sum of money, including multi-year pledges. This gives your client added protection to make sure their gift is used appropriately.
  • Your clients can make a single gift to us that is designated for one nonprofit and that they direct us to pay out to the nonprofit over a certain number of years (or to use as an endowment). This allows them to support a nonprofit for many years rather than make a single large lump-sum gift to a nonprofit that could be used inappropriately.
  • We are uniquely knowledgeable about ways nonprofits aid our community and can help your client make a strategic giving plan best suited to make the most impact on their charitable interests, moving away from unfocused check-writing.

What's wrong with just setting up a private foundation?

Nothing! Private foundations can be a great way to meet your clients' needs. However, in most cases, setting up your family foundation at a Community Foundation provides better tax benefits, costs less money to administer, certainly requires less administrative effort from the clients, and offers the support of a highly trained team of experts in charitable giving. Get the details here.

Can you convert an existing private foundation?

Yes! There are a few options we can offer that will save your client money and time and make their giving experience more streamlined and satisfying. Give us a call to find out more! (360) 698-3622.

How do I get information about you to give my clients?

You can direct them to our website - most everything is online here. Or contact us to have complete printed information packets sent to you, (360) 698-3622 or Invite your clients to contact our President & CEO, Geoff Ball, at (360) 698-3622 or

How do you handle estate planning?

We have a number of different options for planned giving. You can explore some of those options here. And find out what kinds of gifts your client can make here. But if those do not quite fit your clients' situation, we can tailor a unique solution to meet your needs.

What options does my client have to give right now?

We have a wide array of services and can create a plan specifically for your client. Just give us a call to find out how. (360) 698-3622.

Will the Foundation act as a Trustee?

Yes! Just give us a call to find out all your options. (360) 698-3622

Can I remain as the investment manager of the assets that my client places with the Foundation?

Yes! Due to IRS regulations, your client can not require that we hire you as the investment manager for the funds they place with us. However, they can request that we maintain you as the manager, and we are very receptive to those requests. Feel free to contact our President & CEO, Geoff Ball, if you'd like to discuss this or (360) 698-3622.