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Our Vision

Foster an abundant future where everyone in our community has the opportunity to thrive through inspired generosity.


Our Values


We believe our highest calling is to help equitably steward the community’s charitable wealth and its wellbeing; cultivating the financial and social capital within our community for the greater good.


We believe in the untapped power of our whole community; and serve as a catalyst and convener for transformative conversations and innovation.


We believe our combined efforts will exceed that which we can accomplish on our own; therefore, we listen to our community, leverage resources and forge partnerships.


We possess a deep understanding of community needs and philanthropic strategies and hold ourselves accountable to act with integrity and develop personal competence, excelling in quality services and operational performance.

Kitsap Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, working to create an equitable, sustainable culture of philanthropy in our community.

Our Mission

A catalyst for the greater good. We partner with donors and others to invest in our region's nonprofit organizations to foster a more vibrant Kitsap Peninsula for the benefit of all. 

Realizing Our Mission

INSPIRE donors and work with their advisors to maximize both the community impact and tax benefit of their giving.

STEWARD community wealth by managing charitable funds for donors and nonprofit organizations.

INVEST in our region's nonprofits through grantmaking and capacity building.

LEAD our community in collective impact to foster positive social change.

Tina O'Brien

Chief Executive Officer

Lillian Xie

Program Associate, Grants & Special Initiatives

Yvonne Rivera

Accounting Manager

Stephanie (Cline) George

Philanthropic Advisor

Gretchen Ritter-Lopatowski

Creative & Marketing

Also on our Support Team is Melissa Luatua with Special Initiatives and Nora Mitchell assisting with financial services. Nora is also a past Kitsap Community Foundation board member. 

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