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Services For Donors

When you entrust Kitsap Community Foundation with your hard-earned income, you are not just a "donor," you are an investor - investing in our community now or for generations to come. As an investor, you deserve expertise, professionalism, and a research capability that only a Community Foundation can provide. We work directly with our donors and with professional advisors to craft individualized giving plans that benefit you and your community and help create a lasting legacy.

Non-Cash Giving

Many donors are opting for smarter giving, non-cash options that not only support the communities and causes they love, but may also offer a variety of tax benefits. Click the link below to learn more about donating cryptocurrency, giving from your IRA, and making a grant from a donor-advised fund: Find out more.


Give While You Live

Explore the Tools we Offer to You or Contact Us To Create A Specialized Solution.

Click on the box below to find out how we can help you give while you are living. We offer a wide range of services and tools to help you organize and improve your giving. One option is starting your own family foundation. We can help you create your family foundation in the quickest, cheapest, and most effective way possible. If you don't see something you like, let us know! We'll work to find a unique solution for you.

Give Through Your Estate

Join the Kitsap Legacy Leaders and find out how you can leave your own legacy.

Legacy giving, which is giving through our estate when we pass away, offers us a way to make a difference far beyond the measure of one lifetime. The Community Foundation makes legacy giving easy and certain. Click on the box below to find out how we can help you leave a lasting charitable legacy in Kitsap.

Give Directly to the Foundation

Become A Member Of the Cornerstone Society and Help the Foundation Help our Community.

Our Cornerstone Society is made up of donors who give $1000 or more the Foundation's operating fund. Your gifts make it possible for us to run our programs that are aimed up lifting up the entire community, such as:  working to alleviate intergenerational poverty; providing trainings to nonprofits; producing the Kitsap Great Give; and providing millions of dollars in grants to nonprofits each year.

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