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Why Use A Community Foundation?

Many years ago, setting up your own private foundation was seen as one of the most effective ways for a family to give to charity and create a legacy. However, with the development of donor advised funds at Community Foundations, the private foundation is no longer the preferred way for most families to organize their philanthropy. Today's savvy families have learned that creating their family foundation at their local Community Foundation is the most effective, efficient, and tax-efficient way to manage their charitable giving and create their legacy. Check out this comparison and see what we mean.

There are many reasons that make a Community Foundation an ideal organization to donate to and through. Check out some of the best ones here.

Community Foundations do a LOT and there is a lot to know about them. Check out these FAQs to get a handle on what we do, and check out our informational vids in the "What Is A Community Foundation" page.

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