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Grant reports for grants made during the 2022 Competitive Grant Program will be made using the online grant system used to submit ( An automatic reminder will be sent to the contact email in October. Reports are due Sunday, October 15, 2023. If you do not submit a report, you are not eligible to apply for the 2023 Competitive Grant Program. 

Grantee Reporting

Kitsap Community Foundation's (KCF) standard grant reporting form is simple, to minimize the reporting burden on the grantee. Our hope is that grantees will use their results as much for their own benefit as for ours, to help guide their decision making and future use of resources in connection with their program.


We understand that not all grant-funded programs begin when expected. And we understand that unanticipated events may interfere with a grantee's progress. We know that sometimes projects fail. When a project does veer from its original timeline or goals, we are interested in how the grantee responded to setbacks and what was learned. Please do not delay submission of your report for fear of our reaction to a project being behind or having more modest results than anticipated. Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We can delay a reporting due date if the situation calls for it, or extend the project period.


 A report should include:

  • Documentation on the impact on clients or the community

  • A clear outline of the delivery method

  • A clear outline of project scope

  • Analysis of the efficiency of a service program's delivery method

  • Verify analysis with data

  • Remember to get permission from clients if you want to include their personal information in your report


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