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Partnering With Business

Local businesses’ contributions to our community, both in terms of philanthropy and leadership, are difficult to overstate. 

The family business story goes hand-in-hand with the family philanthropic story and by working with Kitsap Community Foundation, you can promote your values, find leadership opportunities, help family members find common ground, and learn about all sectors of our community. 

We can help connect public needs and projects with private capital and resources to support the effectiveness of philanthropic giving, and foster collaboration between the public and private sector. 

Here are a just a few ways we can partner with local businesses to help them help our community:

  • Start and manage your corporate foundation

  • Start and manage your corporate scholarship fund

  • Facilitate cross-sector partnerships

  • Connect businesses with local nonprofits making a difference in areas businesses care most about

  • Help business identify areas of philanthropic interest

  • Create your giving plan including charitable goals and mission statement

  • Develop strategies to fulfill your philanthropic mission

  • Provide grantmaking support

  • Engage the press and media

  • Create a custom, online grant application

  • Thoroughly review grant proposals

  • Recommend funding opportunities

  • Ensure your grant dollars are being used for their intended purpose

If you are a local business owner, contact us to find out how we can help your business manage its current giving and its philanthropic legacy.

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