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Legacy giving offers us a way to make a difference, far beyond the measure of one lifetime.

Kitsap Legacy Leaders is a way of recognizing individuals who have chosen to leave a lasting charitable legacy in Kitsap County by donating to the Kitsap Community Foundation itself or by donating their "fund" at the Community Foundation through a will, trust, designation or other planned gift. Kitsap Legacy Leaders honors its individual members’ charitable passions while establishing its members as philanthropic role models in our community.

If you’ve already included the Community Foundation or your "fund" at the Foundation through a planned gift, we invite you to let us know so that we may honor you as a Kitsap Legacy Leader.

You can always remain anonymous in your philanthropy. However, Legacy Society participants are an inspiration to others to look toward the future and learn how they too can have an enduring impact on the causes they care about.

Legacy Leaders share a dedication to Kitsap County – but every act of giving is personal and unique. Contact us to discuss your preferences.

Legacy Leaders
Become A Legacy Leader

Deferred Giving Options

Take control of creating your charitable legacy and find out all the ways you can ensure your final wishes are met.

What You Can Give

You have a wide range of options for funding your legacy gift. Explore which ones might work for you, then give us a call to set up an appointment, and we'll help you craft a giving plan perfect for your unique needs.

How You Can Give

Explore more ways you can give - including setting up a fund that will allow you to start giving today.

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