Cornerstone Society

These donors are the base on which all of the Foundation's operations are built.  It's a group of people dedicated to improving our community by annually donating at least $1,000 to help the Foundation grow philanthropy throughout the County.  We quite literally turn these donations into hundreds of thousands of dollars for local nonprofit organizations. Please contact Gina at (360) 698-3622 
or for information about joining this prestigious society.

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Richard Asche
AnitaCarole Aughnay
Ruth Bernstein
Peter & Marty Braun
Whitney Koontz & Mike Brown
Patrick Callahan & Karen Kilbane
Jacqueline Cohn
Leo Culloo
Rick & Janna Darrow
David & Katherine De Bruyn
Carter & Tori Dotson
Margee Duncan & Bill Baird
Ann Wilkinson Ellis & John Ellis

David Emmons
Steven & Betty Fabry
Eric Fredricks
Ray & Charlotte Garrido
Evelyn Ghiselin
Steve & Marti Green
Elizabeth Wrenn & Stuart Grogan
Michelle & AJ Hill
Steve & Debbie Hill
Tom & Marcia Kilbane
Bev & Cliff Kincaid
Gale Kirsopp
Betty Krueger
Adele & Kevin LaCombe

Frank Leach
Juliet & Phil LeDorze
Dorothea & Ralph Lintz
Debbie & Wayne Macomber
Clif & Kathy McKenzie
Kol Medina & Elsa Watson
Eileen Montgomery
Donna & Josh Moreland
Patty & Bob Murphy
Bill & Vivi-Ann Parnell
Chris Placentia
Jerry & Nancy Reid
Chris Rieland
Jay Roof

Jon Rose
Joe & Amy Roszak
David & Rebecca Schultz
Cynthia Sears
Laurie & Pankaj Sharma
Ceci Sittser
Lisa & Steve Stirrett
Chung Nguyen & Oanh Truong
William & Sandra Walgren
Carol Watson
Dave & Ann Wetter
Brian & Kate Wicks
Chris Wurden & Irene Wurden





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Due to COVID-19, our physical office is not currently open. We are still accepting phone calls from 8am - 4pm, Monday - Friday.

If you need to drop something off at the office, please call
(360) 698-3622 to coordinate.

(360) 698-3622

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