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We Help You Manage Your Giving

Our core work at the Community Foundation is helping people manage their charitable giving. This is our central expertise. We provide a broad range of services and tools to help you make your giving more effective and efficient. Explore some of the solutions we offer below,  see how we continue to serve you over the years after you open your fund, and explore our interactive fund map. Then give us a call to find out more!


Don't see what you want to do here? No worries! We can accommodate even your most creative giving ideas - just give us a call! (360) 698-3622


The minimum dollar amount to establish a permanent fund is $5,000, although the fund must reach $10,000 in donated assets within 3 years.  Non-permanent funds (which we call "pass-through funds") do not have a minimum. You can see the fees we charge to manage these funds here.

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