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How We Support You Through The Years

Once you open your fund, you aren't on your own! Kitsap Community Foundation is your partner in giving for as long as you have your fund with us! We are always here for you to help you manage your giving both while you are living, as well as for generations to come.

We Work with You and/or Your Advisor

  • We can work with you to devise charitable giving strategies that help you make better informed decisions.

  • We can work with you and your professional advisors (attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs) to devise charitable giving strategies that maximize your tax benefits and save you money.

  • You can set up one or more legally-enforceable "funds" with the Foundation through which you can manage all or some of your current and future donations. 

Things We Help You Do with Your Fund

  • We cut all of the checks for your donations. Just tell us who and when. 

  • You receive a single tax letter for your donation to your fund, simplifying your return. 

  • We keep track of your donations. Just log in to our website to get all the details.

  • We can make all (or some) of your donations for you anonymously.

  • We can structure agreements for large gifts to ensure your gift is used appropriately.

  • We can all types of assets into money that you can then use to make donations. 

  • You can place a large amount of assets into a fund now and rely on the Foundation to gift that money out over time - for a certain number of years or forever.

  • You can involve your children in giving through your fund.

Our Team Gives Expert Advice

  • Our staff provide in-depth, substantive research and first-hand experience of non-profits and communities throughout Kitsap County. We can connect you to the nonprofits you want. 

  • We can serve as a trustee of charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.

  • We can administer charitable gift annuities.

  • We can provide tax deduction and life income illustrations for planned giving vehicles.

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