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Fundraising: Stack the stats in your favor

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By the time summer rolls around, reflecting on what happened last year may feel like cognitive whiplash. That’s not the case, though, with the statistics from the annual Giving USA report that are released every June for the prior year. The team at Kitsap Community Foundation reviews the findings closely so that we can identify trends and strategies that could help you and other nonprofits strengthen fundraising and stewardship practices and build financial resources to support the community for generations to come. 


You’re likely aware that the recently-released Giving USA report for 2023 reveals that while charitable giving in the U.S. increased to $557.16 billion, the increase failed to keep pace with inflation. When adjusted for inflation, total giving declined by 2.1% year-over-year. 


While the news is disappointing in some ways, it actually presents a terrific opportunity to communicate a positive set of messages to your donors. Here’s an example of a four-point messaging platform that might be a fit for your outreach strategy: 


  • Acknowledge that fundraising has been tough for organizations across the board, and that’s why you’re so grateful for their continued support. Cite the Giving USA statistics to show donors that you’re on top of the issues. (You can also reference another recent study showing that trust in nonprofits has increased!)

  • Let your donors know that the drop in giving is no match for the passion and commitment of your organization’s staff and board to ensure that the mission stays strong through best-in-class fundraising and stewardship strategies.

  • Remind donors that it’s been a great year so far for many stocks! Encourage your donors to review their portfolios to identify highly-appreciated positions, and ask them to consider making a stock gift to your organization’s endowment fund at Kitsap Community Foundation, avoiding capital gains tax in the process.

  • Suggest that your donors consider a planned gift to your endowment fund at Kitsap Community Foundation so that your organization is better prepared to weather the inevitable ups and downs of giving in the years ahead. Remember, a planned gift, such as a bequest or a beneficiary designation on an IRA, does not impact a donor’s wallet today. 


As always, please reach out to Kitsap Community Foundation for ideas and strategies. We are here to help you build your reserves and endowment funds. It’s our honor to support your work to improve the quality of life for so many people in our region. 


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