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Big or small, every gift matters

red and gold presents big and small

Simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness have long been cornerstones of working with Kitsap Community Foundation to carry out charitable goals. Time and time again, we see how easily donors who’ve established a donor-advised or other type of fund are able to fulfill their big-picture charitable goals, as well as act quickly to respond to critical needs in the community as they occur.


Indeed, the flexibility of working with KCF allows you to support the causes you love at a financial level that meets your charitable giving budget. Early in the year, many of our fund holders transfer highly-appreciated stock to their KCF donor-advised fund, so that they are prepared to activate their annual giving right away. 


At every level of giving, philanthropy is a catalyst for improving quality of life. Indeed, anyone with a willingness to give can be a philanthropist. Whether you’re using your donor-advised fund to give $250 to a college or university, $2500 to a food bank, or $25,000 to an art museum’s endowment, you’re making a difference.


Consider that small donations from a large number of people can make a huge difference. This is especially true for responses to disasters and humanitarian tragedies. On the other end of the spectrum, very large donations to Kitsap Community Foundation in a Field-of-Interest Fund can transform organizations serving that need the ability to scale and serve a much greater population. 


In so many ways, whether gifts are large or small or somewhere in between, philanthropy creates the margin of excellence that helps communities, families, and individuals thrive. The team at Kitsap Community Foundation is here to help you achieve satisfaction and impact with your giving at any level. 


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