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Kitsap County Parks Foundation
Mission: To Preserve, Support, and Promote Kitsap County Parks.

Kitsap County Parks Foundation was created to preserve, support, and promote Kitsap County Parks Department areas, facilities and open space through developing public/private partnerships and fundraising.

Our goal is to assist with providing appropriate and necessary funding to support high-quality maintenance of park landscapes, facilities, infrastructure, and public accommodation through the development of community partnerships.​​

About County Parks

Kitsap County is 396 square miles in size and proudly manages 73 county parks totaling 10,487 acres. The park system is unique in its features and demands with heritage parks, waterfronts and waterways, legacy parks, specialized parks, and community recreation complexes each offering different recreational opportunities and experiences.

Our Challenge and How We Plan To Meet It

Kitsap County Parks has increased the overall acreage of the system by 67% since 2012, however, like many parks departments across the country, budgets are just slightly above where they were in 2007.  The Kitsap County Parks Foundation is working to bridge this gap and offer an opportunity for community partners to be a part of preserving and enhancing Kitsap Counties greatest assets.

Sponsor Our County Parks System With Our "I Got An Acre" Program

It takes about $50 to maintain one acre of parkland for one year! Through the I Got an Acre parks sponsorship program you can support as many acres as you wish!

Mountaineer (75 acres)- $3000

Benefits include: benefits listed below plus, Private Salmon Stream Tour


Backpacker (35 acres)- $1500

Benefits include: benefits listed below plus, Private Guided Park Tour


Explorer (18 acres)- $800

Benefits include: benefits listed below plus, an exclusive, private, guided hike in one of Kitsap’s amazing county parks


Hiker (10 acres)- $500

Benefits include: Items Listed below plus: benefits listed below plus a seat at the annual supporters’ breakfast


Traveler (5 acres)- $250

Benefits include: Items Listed below plus a RTIC tumbler to show your enthusiasm for Kitsap County Parks


Beachcomber (1 acre)- $50

Benefits include: Items Listed below plus a Car window sticker


Navigator- $25

Benefits Include: Our quarterly e-newsletter so you can see what’s new in Kitsap County Parks

All gifts of any size are appreciated and will benefit Kitsap County Parks!

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