West Sound Cycling Club Pump Track
Riding a Bike
Please help us build an amazing skills-development playground!

Visit any pump track and the first thing you’ll notice is that they are a magnet for kids of all ages. Two-year-olds on their balance bikes run up the “hills” of the track and coast happily down the other side. 10 year-olds are racing around the track without peddling and catching air on the jump line. It can be very busy - van loads of kids will arrive during off-school hours.  A pump track is an amazing skills development playground for any budding cyclist! 


The idea for a Bremerton pump track came from Bremerton parents and other cycling enthusiasts who wanted to build a pump track in Bremerton. Phil Babcock, a father of a 2-year-old son, offered to spearhead the effort by presenting the idea to the Bremerton Parks Commission, who viewed the idea of a Bremerton Parks Pump Track favorably. The Commission suggested promoting the idea to the community and raising seed money for design and construction. Although a pump track is not currently in the Parks and Recreation Open Space Plan, evidence of broad community support will bring the idea into much sharper focus and serious consideration.


West Sound Cycling Club is proud to support Phil and our community to raise funds for a Bremerton Pump Track, since promoting cycling and cycling skills development is a core part of our mission. 


If you are unfamiliar with pump tracks, you may want to view a video of Leavenworth’s new paved track. Pump tracks can also be made of packed dirt, but a dirt track is safe only for bicycles (that have relatively large wheels), whereas a paved track can accommodate scooters and skateboards with much smaller wheels, and they require much less maintenance.

Check out a Pump Track in action

Redmond, Oregon, recently built a newly paved track similar to what we would like to see built in Bremerton. We captured a few minutes of action in Redmond below:

Video 1 from Redmond Oregon pump track

Video 2 from Redmond Oregon pump track

How you can help

Donations will initially be used to obtain a track design that has broad community support.  Our first choice for a firm to deliver that design is Velosolutions, the creators of both the Leavenworth and Redmond pump tracks.


Additional donations will provide seed money for matching grants to construct the Bremerton track.  Since all donations are made to KCF; KCF will manage your donation and ensure that it is used for its intended purpose – building an exciting paved pump track for our community. 


Donation checks should be written to: “Kitsap Community Foundation”, with memo: “deposit to WSCC Pump Track Fund”.   Mail checks to: “KCF PO Box 3670, Silverdale, WA  98383”.


Online donations are accepted here: https://tinyurl.com/wsccpumptrack


Thank you for your support!