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Celebration Of Philanthropy - Awards

The Celebration of Philanthropy is an evening hosted by the Kitsap Community Foundation to celebrate individuals, businesses, and nonprofits in Kitsap County that have improved the lives of their fellow citizens through extraordinary dedication to philanthropy. The awards presented that evening are to individuals and businesses nominated by our community. We invite you to nominate individuals and business to receive these awards. Award decisions are made by an independent committee comprised of community leaders and approved by the Kitsap Community Foundation Board of Directors.

Nominations are now closed for 2020.

Rising Star Youth Award

This award is open to residents of the Kitsap Peninsula who are 18 or younger and who have shown extraordinary initiative and drive to serve their community through volunteer charitable work. In their efforts to help their community, nominees should show one or more of the following qualities: a selfless nature, ability to raise donated funds for nonprofits, strong initiative or leadership, ability to be part of a team, creativity in problem-solving,  or successful results in their charitable work.

Spirit of Philanthropy Award

This award honors an individual, couple, or family who exhibits a deep commitment and heart-felt dedication to philanthropy. Nominees should have a proven record of exceptional generosity. This generosity can be shown through direct financial contributions to nonprofits or through direct personal involvement with nonprofits as a Board member or other type of volunteer, or a combination of both. Ideally, a nominee’s generosity and involvement will be so substantial or meaningful that it encourages others to also support nonprofits in our community and/or to take philanthropic leadership roles in our community. Nominees must be a Kitsap or North Mason County resident and their philanthropic work must have occurred in Kitsap or North Mason County.

Business Making a Difference Award

This award honors a for-profit business in Kitsap County that has a proven track record of making a positive difference in our community. The business that receives this award must be a Kitsap or North Mason-based business. Factors that will be considered are monetary or in-kind donations given by the business to local nonprofits or persons in need; the business’s sponsorship of and involvement in local nonprofit events; whether the business has an employee donation matching program; whether the business provides paid time-off for employee volunteer activities or in other ways encourages employee volunteerism; whether the business promotes the leadership of its employees or others in the nonprofit community; and the business’s general spirit of philanthropy and dedication to improving Kitsap or North Mason County.

Exceptional Nonprofit Service Award

This award honors an individual who, while acting in the capacity of a nonprofit staff member, has done exceptional work furthering and facilitating the success of one or more Kitsap or North Mason nonprofits.

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