We empower women to collectively fund grants that make an impact in our community.


The Women’s Giving Circle of the Kitsap Peninsula promotes philanthropy among women of all generations.  Our grants support programs that uplift women and/or children in our community.


We are a group of socially-minded women with a deep desire to help our community, and we would love for you to join us! We bring women together for a few fun and meaningful gatherings each year where we can enjoy each other’s company, hear interesting presentations, and jointly decide which local nonprofits we want to help.

Women's Giving Circle of the Kitsap Peninsula

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What is it?

A way for women interested in charitable giving to enjoy each other’s company while learning about topics important to them and pooling a bit of their money to help their community.

What if I want to join, but don't have $1,000?

We know that just because you care about your community doesn't mean you have $1,000 to spend every year. So, we've created alternative options. Alternative Option 1: Split-interest Membership
Up to four women may “split” a membership by joining together to donate the $1,000 needed for an annual membership. Each woman who contributes a portion of the annual $1,000 membership dues will be considered a Member and invited to all Circle gatherings for the applicable calendar year. However, the women who join together for a split-interest membership will only have one vote between them on all matters voted on by the Circle. Alternative Option 2: Sponsored Membership
Any Member may sponsor a particular woman (or women) chosen by the Member by paying the annual membership dues for that woman. Only KCF will know if a woman has a sponsored membership. Form to request sponsorship Form to sponsor a member

Who can take part?

Any woman in the Kitsap peninsula who donates at least $1,000 annually to the Women’s Giving Circle Fund.

What about younger women and girls?

Involving multiple generations is meaningful. So every member of the Circle can bring one girl or younger woman with them to the gatherings.

Are there meetings?

We call them gatherings. The Circle will have quarterly gatherings (4 per year) and decide upon grant recipients in March. Currently, the gatherings are being held on Zoom.

What happens at a gathering?

Time to socialize. Time for a short presentation. Time to talk about what charitable grants the Circle wants to make.

How is your $1,000 annual donation used?

The money donated by all of the members will be put into the Women’s Giving Circle Fund at the Kitsap Community Foundation. Donations to the Circle will be used as follows: (1) 50% will be available for the Circle to award as annual grants or other uses as approved by the Membership; (2) 45% will be placed into an Endowment Fund at KCF; (3) 5% will be retained by Kitsap Community Foundation to help offset staff costs dedicated to the Circle.

Who decides which nonprofits get grants?

You do. At the gatherings, the Circle members will talk about what types of nonprofits they want to make grants to. Once each year, the Foundation will bring grant proposals to the gatherings, and the members present will vote on which grants to make.

Will the Circle’s giving focus on women’s issues?

Yes! We want to support change and opportunities for women and/or children in our community through our collective giving. The Circle's focus is helping women and/or children living in the Kitsap Peninsula.

What topics will the presentations cover?

It’s up to the Circle to decide. Potential topics include topics of interest to higher-net-worth women, such as how to prepare your children to manage wealth, and presentations about particular types of nonprofit work or particular nonprofits that the Circle might want to fund. Or maybe the Circle would rather not have presentations, but meet and greets with local organizations supporting and empowering women. Join us and help decide!

Where and what time of day are the gatherings?

It’s up to the Circle to decide!


The Kitsap Community Foundation facilitates grantmaking and administers the Circle. But the Circle is governed by its members. There is a Leadership Team of up to 15 members. Members of this Leadership Team are elected by the Giving Circle Members and serve a 3-year term, provided they remain a member in good standing. The first Leadership Team consisted of the women who came together to form the Giving circle in 2018.

The Circle has two or more Co-Chairs chosen by the Leadership Team and serve a two-year term. The Circle has a grant committee responsible for recommending to the Leadership Team each year a process for soliciting or accepting grant applications from nonprofits. If you are interested in serving on the Leadership Team or you have general questions, please contact the co-chairs via email wgccochairs@kitsapfoundation.org.

Why should I join?

Women are excellent collaborators. When we pool our resources - economic, intellectual, and creative - we create positive change in our communities. Coming together to learn about needs of our fellow women and help meet those needs is a powerful way to improve lives. When you join, you get: • To collaborate and network with a diverse group of generous women • To learn about community issues and effective philanthropy • To share the joy of giving and have a say in how your gift is used

How can my nonprofit get a grant?

We are not currently accepting applications. Please check back in Fall 2021. Please view our eligibility and restrictions. Access to the Grant Application will be available online at www.commongrantapplication.com beginning December 2021. Please visit our grants page for more information.