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Here to Support Education

A chance to learn. Relief from financial stress. Inspiration to realize a dream. Every day, Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF) scholarship recipients tell us how their lives are changing.

Many scholarships are available for students interested in higher education. There are scholarships earmarked for graduates from specific high schools and across an array of academic interests. Students can find scholarships to help them continue their education in almost any setting, public or private, in or out of state. Underscoring all our scholarships is the belief that education is a tangible and long-term investment in the people shaping Kitsap's future. These scholarships originate from many different funds at KCF, established by individual donors, families, and civic organizations.

A review committee of community members participate in selecting KCF's scholarship recipients. They volunteer their time to review scholarship applications and identify students who best fit each fund's objectives.

Please investigate the resources available on our web site to learn more about KCF scholarships and how to apply. If you have questions, please contact Kol Medina, President & CEO by phone at 360-698-3622 or e-mail at .

Below are several links that might be of interest to students looking at college options in Washington.  Kitsap Community Foundation has no relationship with these organizations that produced the information contained at the link below and in no way endorses or guarantees the validity of the information or opinions found at the links.


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