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Kitsap Great Give



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Kickoff: Complete. See narrated slide presentation here.

Training 1 : Complete. See Web Version Here

Training 2 : Complete. See Web Version Here

Training 3 : Complete. See Web Version Here

Training 4 : Complete. See Web Version Here


Staff Planning Template                                 Sample Budget Template

Permission for Photography                           Model Release for a Minor Child

Communications Calendar Template               Checklists Weeks 8-1

Info sign-up sheet is closed. Sign up for next year's information will open in Fall of 2017.


How The Great Give Works         How The Bonus Pool Works 

 Fees            Advertising    How To Get Ready    


Guidebook        Planning Guide



GET LOGOS HERE (including sponsor logo image)



Posters With General Branding                             Posters With Room For Your Logo

16x20                                                                 16x20

11x17                                                                 11x17

11x14                                                                 11x14

8.5x11                                                                8.5x11


Post Cards With General Branding                       Post Cards With Room For Your Logo

4 Up Postcard flyer                                            4 Up Postcard Flyer

Single Postcard flyer                                          Single Postcard Flyer

Mail Postcards (no separate generic version)        Mail Postcards


Table Tents With  Cut Lines General*                   Table Tents With Cut Lines Your Logo*

2 Up Table Tent                                                   2 Up Table Tent

*these are made to work with Avery 2 Up Table Tent pre-scored sheets. You May find it cheaper to actually print through the Avery site rather than purchase these specialty print pages. By using the Avery site you can print a wide variety of collateral using the Kitsap Great Give logo and have it suit your needs.










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