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Grant Opportunities

We are not currently accepting grant applications. Please see below for our yearly cycle.

Competitive Grants Program 

In its efforts to fulfill its mission "to improve our community's quality of life by connecting people who care with causes that matter", the Kitsap Community Foundation has established an annual grant making process.  When grant applications are reviewed, the Foundation considers the validation of needs of organizations' constituents, the presence of other support (financial and/or in-kind) and community impact.

The Kitsap Community Foundation will be awarding qualified nonprofits three types of grants during the 2015 grants cycle:

1.  Community Grants. Our belief is that meeting a broad range of substantiated local needs improves the quality of life in Kitsap County and surrounding areas.  These grants of up to $5,000 may be available to any nonprofit organization working in Kitsap County and immediately surrounding areas within the following program areas:

  • Health and Human Services
  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Children and Youth Development
  • Environment and Animal Welfare

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2.  Foster Children and Family Reconciliation.  These grants, available through the Sound Institute of Family and Children's Services Endowed Fund, may be awarded to nonprofit organizations that:

  • Help youth up to the age of 25 who have been in the foster care/child welfare system make positive transitions through residential programs, counseling, employment assistance, scholarships, or other supportive services, or:
  • Offer residential and non-residential services designed to facilitate family reconciliation for adolescents in conflict with their families.

Applicants may apply for 2-year grants of up to $8,000 for each year.  The budget you upload must reflect 2 years of income and expenses if you choose to apply for a two-year grant. Second year funding will be contingent upon your program/project's measurable outcomes, submitted report and KCF Board of Directors' favorable review of first year's performance.

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3.  Youth Mentoring.  One or more grants of up to $1,300 will be allocated in 2015.  Provided through the Youth Mentoring Endowment Fund, these grants are specifically for mentoring programs.  The Foundation defines mentoring programs as organized, ongoing activities aimed at providing quality and mutually beneficial relationships between competent adults and young persons, with the goal of creating positive youth development.

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For additional questions, please contact Shaine Schramling, Funds and Grants Administrator at KCF, or Beverly Kincaid, the 2015 Grant Chairperson, by email at  or phone 360.698.6043.


How to Apply for Competitive Grants

The Competitive Grants Process involves completion and submission of an online application via Common Grant Application, a third-party company.  Applicants will be able to start, save, and return to their grant applications as often as necessary prior to final submission.  Only electronic submissions, complete with all required attachments, will be accepted.


  1. CommonGrantApplication.com manages our grant applications.
  2. If this is your first time using the Common Grant Application, please open an account by signing up here.  If you already have an account, log-in here.
  3. After you login the first time, you will be given the option to go to the "Dashboard" page or to go directly to start an application.
  4. If you have any questions about using the Common Grant Application site, please contact Common Grant Application directly. Their contact information can be found by going to www.commongrantapplication.com and clicking on the Contact button. A representative may be reached by phone at (310) 490-1277.
  5. Please note that some minor changes have been made to the application since the last cycle. Be sure to use the current form or your application will be disqualified. Incomplete applications also will be disqualified.
  6. We highly encourage you to watch the 3 minute demonstration video on the Common Grant Application page.

General Restrictions

The Kitsap Community Foundation does not award grants to:

  1. Annual campaign appeals
  2. Endowments
  3. Individuals
  4. Political or lobbying activities
  5. Operating foundations
  6. For-profit organizations
  7. Religious organizations for sacramental or theological purposes*

*Faith-based social service, youth, or community programs are eligible if the following conditions are met:  501(c)(3) organization; program/project has a board-approved mission statement and program/project budget separate from the organization's sacramental or theological budget; secular programs or services are available to eligible participants without regard to religious belief or willingness to participate in religious activities; and the organization ensures that Foundation contributions are not used to support religious activities such as worship or proselytizing.

2015 Grant Cycle Calendar
Nov 19 OPTIONAL Informational Session for Nonprofits about KCF Grants 9:30-11 United Way of Kitsap County Conference Room, RSVP requested or 360-698-6043
January 15  Grant Recipient Reports Due - If you do not submit your report in a timely manner, you may not be eligible for a 2015 grant.

Monday, Jan 5
Online Application System Opens at Common Grant Application
Monday, Jan 26 Online Application System Closed at Common Grant Application
Feb 1-Feb 28 Grant review committee reviews and scores applications

March 9 - April 6 

Summaries and request amounts of applications will be posted on the KCF website for potential support from service organizations, businesses and local philanthropists. The summaries will be posted in ranked order. 

This means the highest scoring applications will be at the top of the list and lower scoring applications will be at the bottom of the list.

April 23

Final board approval of grant funding award

April 24 -May 1 

Grant awardees are notified and invited to Celebration of Philanthropy  
Recipients are given their checks and unsuccessful applicants are notified

Fri, May 15

Celebration of Philanthropy, Kitasp Conference Center 5:30-9 p.m. - Each nonprofit grant recipient will receive one guest ticket to the event. Additional guests may purchase tickets.

Other Grants

The Foundation distributes additional grants each year, generally upon the recommendation of the advisers to specific funds held at the Foundation.  These grants are allocated outside of the Competitive Grants process.


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