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Establish a Fund

Donors may create or contribute to any of the following types of funds:

Unrestricted Funds

A donor may choose to make a gift in support of the broad charitable purposes of the Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF). The income from unrestricted funds is used to make grants to programs covering a wide range of community needs, including education and culture, health, and social and civic services.

KCF Operating Fund

A donor may choose to provide direct support to the Foundation itself by directing gifts to the KCF Operating Fund. Income from this fund is used to offset the Foundation's annual operating costs.

Designated Funds

A donor may wish to name the specific public charitable organization(s) to be assisted by a gift. The Board of Directors will insure that the grants made from a designated fund are used as the donor intends. Should the designated organization cease to exist or the purpose it served become obsolete over the years, the Foundation has the responsibility to reallocate the fund to a like organization to continue to reflect the donor's wishes.

Field-of-Interest Funds

A donor may direct that a gift be used for a special charitable purpose such as assistance to handicapped people, counseling programs, support for the arts, education, etc. The Foundation, acting through its staff, Grant Committee and Board of Directors, will seek out and select the community agencies which best serve the purpose specified by the donor.

Donor Advised Funds

Donors can enjoy participation in the distribution of their annual gift by establishing an advised fund. When establishing the fund, the donor expresses his/her desire to make specific recommendations to the Board regarding the charitable use of the funds. Although the Board must use its own judgment and cannot be bound by such advice, it welcomes the involvement and recommendations of its donors.

Scholarship Funds

These funds enable deserving young people to get the education they might not otherwise receive. We prefer flexibility so we can meet the greatest needs, but you can, if you choose, specify: either the schools the students are to come from or the ones they are to attend; their course of study or career path; any level of post high school training, either university, college, or vocational school. Create your scholarship in your name or the name of a loved one. We will ensure your scholarship conforms to the strict standards of impartiality and integrity.

Agency Fund

A non-profit organization may establish an endowment fund at KCF with the income restricted to support of that charity. This is similar to a designated fund, and is typically created by the non-profit rather than by a donor. Donors find reassurance in knowing that KCF provides the stability, expertise and credibility to administer an endowment fund in perpetuity.

Pass-Through Funds

If an agreement with a donor provides for distribution of all the principal to a designated organization, the fund is a non-permanent designated fund we call a pass-through fund. The Foundation suggests the use of this kind of fund as a convenient alternative for making significant annual gifts. Such funds can be promptly passed through the Foundation to any number of qualifying tax-exempt organizations. Pass-through funds may be directed through the Foundation for a community project that has a termination date.

For additional information, please contact your financial or estate planning advisor or Kol Medina, President & CEO) of KCF by email at   or phone 360.698.3622.

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